Meet Susan, owner of CHEERS COWICHAN TOURS… Host/Wrangler extraordinaire! As a mother of teens, she is fully versed (and graceful) in her allowance of chaos. She picked us up from my home, promptly at the pre-agreed time of 10:45, and thus begins our daunting and passionate takedown of the six wineries…”

This is an excerpt from an article we wrote for The Valley Voice, the local zine that chronicles the lives and events of the Cowichan Valley throughout the seasons. We were tasked with the project, last minute and on a whim. Susan was valiant. She stood up in her ability- not only rise to the occasion of taking us to that many wineries, but to steer the journey so that is was well paced, informative AND FUN! When looking for a way to explore an extraordinarily beautiful region, while leaving your keys at home, call Cheers Cowichan!!!